8 Best Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

The best gifts for 3 year old will include plenty of opportunities to explore as the child grows and transforms into more imaginative play.

Finally, many of the “terrible twos” have entered school for the first time and are interacting with their friends. They become more verbal, able to answer questions and follow instructions. (Or not: there’s a reason people call them “three-swimmers.”)

gifts for 3 year old
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Tova Klein, director of the Barnard College Infant Development Center and author of “How Toddlers Thrive,” said: “Open toys, such as building blocks and toys, allow us to explore, discover and perform ideas, ”Klein said.

Marie Conti, principal of the Weatheril School in Gladwyne, Pa., Is so involved in the DIY phase that she enjoys helping master the fine motor skills that help her dress. Director of the American Montessori Society.

List of Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Tony Box Starter Set

Designed for kids, one of the first growing trends in audio players, the Tony Box is a flexible and squeezable cube without the complex mess of cables and controls. Combine hours of stories and songs with Tony’s stickers straight from your kids’ audio library. He can sing Disney favorites like Lion King and Frozen. Each figure contains up to 90 minutes of personalized messages, songs and stories

Popatrol Dino Rescue Patroller

Equipped with a large all-terrain vehicle, this Paw Patrol vehicle was the first to be electrified and ready for a dinosaur adventure. Comes with a chase, a tyrannosaurus rex and two balls to line up the dinosaurs.

kennedy doll

The 14.5 inch cutie is part of the Positively Perfect doll line aimed at promoting narcissism in girls. Kids love to dress her up and can even wash and style her hair.

Happy Carousel Jumbo Puzzle

Preschoolers love to cover the floor with this large 11 “x17” jigsaw puzzle featuring a photo of a family playing in the park. However, with just 24, he grabs their attention without overwhelming them.

Clay to shape the color of the world

By combining and mixing these clay colors, you can create endless skin tones in your children’s work. It is amazing that the clay does not dry out. They also offer pastels that can be mixed for the complete art set.

Pop2Play indoor slide

It’s made of cardboard, but this indoor slide is strong enough to support up to 50 lbs. And when you’re done scrolling your way, everything is folded up and easy to store. There is also a rainbow pattern.

Princess Cupcake Jones plush doll.

Princess Cupcake Jones is a plush toy that is also the star of this series. All books teach lessons – for example, Princess Cupcake Jones and Missing Tutu stress the importance of cleaning up when her beloved tutu goes missing.

KidKraft Amazon Alexa 2 in 1 Kitchen and Market

This playset has two play modes. One side is a kitchen set and when turned, there is a grocery store. The best part is that it connects to Amazon Echo. Alexa can guide kids through the recipe and create the right sound effects as ingredients are added to the pot.