The Best SmartPhone Camera in 2021!

Hey guys what’s up it’s Carl we’re checking out another Smartphone today with a very bold claim of being the world’s best Smartphone camera we’re constantly on the hunt.

Trying to find a better camera in a phone I know it’s probably the most used piece of hardware. Every time you take a photo. You want to have the best image quality and I know that’s a very bold claim but I think I may have found one of my favorites so far to date this is the vivo X60 Pro and of course the x60 pro plus.

best smartphone camera

Best SmartPhone Camera vivo X60 pro+

Why vivo X60 Pro is best SmartPhone Camera in 2021?

What makes this Smartphone camera so good and unique is their partnership in collaboration with Zeiss which is one of the most famous and respected. Optics companies in the world Zeiss lenses. For example, I use them on my Sony all the time. So I’ve got the Zeiss bodice here this is my 18 mil and of course the juicy 85 mil 1.8.

I would say 90 to 95% of all my Instagram photos because you guys ask all the time what camera combo that you’re rocking is taken with this specific lens.

I’ve been so happy with my 85 bodice. The color reproduction of the booked the creaminess of it is just something that I haven’t really found anywhere else.

I have been so happy with these lenses so when I found out the vivo was partnering with Zeiss I immediately had to test out the capabilities of this Smartphone camera.

I can say from my initial testing it has taken some of the best pictures on a Smartphone today. I know that kind of depends on which model you end up getting and of course the x60 pro plus has better features. It’s got the dual main camera system and the t-star coding that’s renowned from Zeiss.

So if you look at any of my Zeiss lenses now you’ll see that little red sign t-star and that’s a special coating that Zeiss has developed to combat light reflection to help reduce artifacting. You really notice that difference when you’re shooting into very bright situations.

So for this test I took my iPhone 12 pro max. I know this is usually an industry standard people rave around this camera. I took shots directly into the sun. I know that’s the hardest condition to shoot.

Vivo X60 pro and iPhone 12 pro

You’ll see here that entire lens flaring over on the iPhone whereas over on the x60 pro plus. It pretty much reduced that to a bare minimum we were still able to pull a lot of detail in the shadows. Still get some pretty decent colors even though we were shooting in probably the toughest.

Shooting conditions typically most people don’t shoot directly into the sun. I also shot a lot of comparisons against the OnePlus 9 pro which is also doing collaboration with Hasselblad. Also a very iconic photography brand. You can still see the clear winner here is the vivo the color reproduction is better. I still got a ton more detail and something else that Zeiss is also adding is the biota portrait style. So typically in a portrait shot you have booked in the background.
Vivo X60 pro and iPhone 12 pro camera
This adds a bit of rotational booked to the background to give It a bit more of an artistic effect and in the end. I think that’s a bit more of a fun feature to have but for your booked style or for your booked amount you can actually control that in post. So it’s a lot of computational photography. ¬†So really cool to see what Zeiss has done with this partnership and even though I am a bit of a Zeiss fan boy.

I still think the camera lived up to its name, the second major feature that I want to talk about though camera wise is their second gen camera gimbal system and they’ve really improved it this year round by adding 5-axis tilt which is usually a feature found in high-end mirror less cameras.

when the sensor actually shifts around when you move the phone. So that will help reduce shakiness but the biggest benefit that you’ll get is having that built-in gimbals. So when I test this playing tennis even though I am pretty garbage I was trying to bust my butt from one side of the court to the other.

I still got some pretty usable footage but i think that’s pretty impressive for running at full tilt and last but not least for any sort of camera where they typically fall apart and become super grainy and unusable is night shots. I can once again say that the vivo held its own and I’m comparing it to the normal flagships of course against the iPhone some against the OnePlus and I think that statement stands the best smartphone camera. I’m not going to comment on posting to say Instagram any social media that usually.
Vivo X60 pro night mode
Hashes every photo the compression algorithms are obviously terrible over on android by just pulling these on to say my computer to look at the difference Vivo and Zeiss.

I think you guys have done something super special with this and usually when a Smartphone has a standout feature like a standout camera the rest of the smartphone kind of pales in comparison.

I can say that vivo has still kept the performance or the standards up for the rest of the phone so for example the unboxing experience is very premium and depending on which model you get so we’ve got the x60 that has more of the traditional glass metallic finish whereas.

on the x60 pro plus this is actually made with vegan leather on the back so it’s a bit more premium it’s different every Smartphone that we see is made out of glass so just having this in your hands.

Display and Battery Life:

Feels obviously different but sadly on the flip side you do miss out with wireless charging around the front we’ve got a quad hd display it’s 6.56 inches with pretty much no bezels and you’ve just got the tiny hole punch cut out in the front.

it’s an adaptive display so it switches between either 120 to 60 or you can choose to select either option to say save extra battery life it’s rocking the latest silicone on the inside so the snapdragon 888 with the Adreno 660 GPU.

it performs like a flagship it’s on par with any other android flagship to date it is running android 11 with fun touch os a bit of a funny name but it is pretty much like stock android and honestly it reminds me a lot of the OnePlus.

Oxygen os skin

My day-to-day with the device has been great and something that i can’t say about other asian smartphones. It still supports Google mobile services. So I don’t need a third-party workaround cto download my regular social media apps.

I don’t need to install weird Apks. It works out of the box it works well, like a flagship and i think that’s what Vivo’s trying to get across but yeah that kind of wraps up my review of the x60 models.

Depending on which region you’re in I think the x60 will be more available. if you can though try to get your hands on the x60 pro plus it’s got the t-star coding.

It’s got the extra camera sensor and of course that title of the best camera smartphone¬† I’ve used to date. So hope you guys, enjoy this and remember. I’m giving away one of the devices. just leave a comment down below on your favorite feature what you take photos with

if you’re a Zeiss fan boy definitely hit me up be sure to follow me over on Instagram as that’s where I’ll be announcing the winner and doming you. Best of luck to you all. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll catch the rest of you in one of my next ones.

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