How to Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad

The deleted apps can still remain in the device, even after it is rebooted. A possible solution is to delete apps on iPhone with the help of Disk Cleanup. If your mobile phone is equipped with a disk space, it is possible to erase your mobile phone’s applications and data. You can use Disk Cleanup to delete the apps and its data that are stored in your phone.

Open your iPhone and search for the program, you need to delete. Tap and hold on the app icon until you see a box appear > Select > Delete App on iPhone. When you tap on this option, you will be asked to enter the mobile phone number where the deleted app is stored. Press the “OK” button to start the deletion. If your phone has no disk space, you can use a recovery mode. Recovery mode allows you to access your phone’s files and restore the deleted apps if the mobile phone has an existing data backup. Once you have recovered the data, you can restore your mobile phone or delete the apps and its data.

delete apps on iPhone

Delete Apps on iPhone

Now, if you are looking to erase your iPhone apps, you should first consider what you need to do. The simplest method would be to erase all your downloaded applications. These can be the ones installed by you and other users. To erase these types of applications, you need to download and install Disk Cleanup to remove all the stored data on your mobile phone.

After installing it, you can erase the apps with the storage capacity of your phone. However, there is always a possibility of some applications being hidden in the system. To remove such applications, you need to be able to use the advanced mode. This advanced mode allows you to view and delete all hidden applications. However, if your device has an external memory, you need to use the storage capacity of your external storage devices.

It is important to remember that sometimes, these applications will require root access. If you cannot provide root access, you can use the “installation” mode that can be accessed from the main menu of your phone’s settings.

Another option when deleting applications is to use the delete apps on iPhone software that offers a backup feature. Once the application is deleted, the application will be saved in the backup iPhone folder. You can restore it later if you cannot access your backup folders. You can restore it using your iPhone’s settings by entering the backup folder’s password and restoring your previous version of the application.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone Using 3D Touch

How to delete apps on iPhone using 3D Touch on the iPhone is the best method to get rid of unwanted apps on your iPhone. This article tells you how to delete apps on iPhone using 3D Touch on iPhone without getting frustrated. First you should turn off the iPhone to avoid accidentally deleting anything. If you have already installed the software, then you can simply install it on your iPhone and wait for the software to scan your phone. After the scan is complete, you will be able to see a list of the apps that you cannot delete.

Second, how to delete apps on iPhone using 3D Touch with the long press. Instead of using the regular touch gestures, you can now simply long press on the app to show a pop-up screen which presents you with many options: delete app and edit home screen. If you just want to get rid of that particular app, then just tap on Delete app. If you want to delete all the apps from your iPhone, then just go to the main page of the settings and select “Apps”. Now all the apps that you want to delete will appear in a list. If your iPhone has already been fixed, then you can just swipe down to the “Remove” option.

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Third, you can use the restore option. When your iPhone is fixed, you can go to the main page of the Settings and click on the “Restore”. This will take care of deleting the files from your iPhone’s storage so you can keep it up to date and free from unwanted files and applications.

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